How To Become A Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient Caregiver
July 13, 2020

As cultivation facilities and dispensaries hustle to grow and package medical marijuana products for Missouri, many patients are ready to go with their medical marijuana cards already in hand – and there’s still plenty of time to apply

While we’ve covered the steps to applying and getting approved for your medical marijuana patient card in Missouri, we wanted to break down the application process for caregivers in Missouri.

What is a Patient Caregiver?

Missouri’s medical marijuana program allows for patients to have a registered caregiver. A caregiver will be allowed to purchase medical marijuana products for patients that they have been linked to in the case of patients being unable to travel to purchase products for themselves. A caregiver is also required for any patient under the age of 18. In this event, a parent or legal guardian is required to obtain a caregiver ID in order to purchase medical marijuana for a minor.

Missouri has ruled that a patient can have up to two (2) caregivers that can assist them to purchase medical marijuana.

A caregiver in the state of Missouri can be anyone who meets the following criteria:

  1. Must be 21 years of age or older;
  2. Responsible for managing the well-being of a Qualified Patient; and
  3. Designated on the primary caregiver’s application for an identification card or in other written notification to the Department.

Frequently Asked Questions About Caregiver Licenses

How much does it cost to become a primary caregiver?

The fee for a primary caregiver license is $25.00 for each license.

There will be a separate fee for each application to become a primary caregiver on behalf of a specific qualifying patient, and each application to cultivate medical marijuana on behalf of a specific qualifying patient.

How long are caregiver licenses good for?

Caregiver licenses are valid for one year.

How many patients can a caregiver have?

Caregivers can have up to three patients

How much marijuana can a caregiver possess?

Caregivers and patients who do not cultivate may possess up to a 60 day supply or 8 ounces. 

Apply For Your Caregiver Card Today!

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