Flora Farms FECO 101
September 28, 2022

When it comes to edible products, most everyone knows about gummies and brownies, but another product is quickly catching the attention of Missouri patients. FECO is a potent edible medicine that stands out in effects, versatility, and value. That’s why we’re covering the ins-and-outs of getting started with FECO. Plus, learn from the Flora Farms Springfield team about their experiences with Flora Farms FECO.

What is FECO?

FECO stands for Full-Spectrum Extract Cannabis Oil. Full-spectrum means that all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant are extracted at the same ratios they were at in flower form. This thick, dark oil comes in a syringe which is used for more controlled dosing. Flora Farms FECO is strain specific, meaning that you can expect some of the same effects as you’d find in the flower of any given strain. It also means there’s a Flora Farms FECO for different needs.

The first noticeable thing about Flora Farms FECO is the beautiful amber color. Some strains make lighter or darker oil. The next thing to notice upon consumption is the herbaceous flavor. This is where the strain-specific Flora Farms FECO shines. Each FECO captures the unique flavors of the strain. The final thing to notice are the potent effects, clear head high, and whole-body relief FECO can provide.

As with any edible, we recommend starting with a low dose and consuming slowly. Due to its high potency, begin with a very small dose, no larger than a grain of rice. Because FECO is consumed orally, onset of effects can take over an hour. If you don’t feel anything at first, wait 2-3 hours before taking a small dose again. Edible effects can last 8-12 hours and produce a more intense “high” than inhaled consumption methods, so it can even be better to wait and try again the next day to avoid any unpleasant overconsumption.

Is FECO right for you?

We always recommend discussing medical marijuana options with your care provider to determine what’s right for you. Generally, the patients most benefitting from FECO experience pain and inflammation or insomnia.

From Flora Farms Springfield:
One of our favorite things about FECO is that has broad medicinal applications. But, if you have pain or sleeplessness that is resistant to other forms of medicine, flower or otherwise, FECO is the way to go.

How is the product best consumed?

Try warming the syringe of FECO in your hand or run it under some hot water while still in the syringe so the thick oil is warmed and ready to dose. Remove the syringe lid and squeeze out a rice grain-sized dose onto a snack or into a warm drink.

From Flora Farms Springfield:
We recommend something that doesn’t need to be chewed, like yogurt or peanut butter. We’ve also heard recommendations like peanut butter cups and ice cream! You can also bake with FECO using a boxed brownie mix, just make sure to keep the temperature below 225.

When should you consume FECO?

Thanks to our strain-specific offerings, there’s a Flora Farms FECO for any time of day. Ask about sativa or hybrid options for day use and indica options for evening use or heavier pain-relief options. Keep the long window of felt effects in mind when consuming. The effects can be felt 8-12 hours after consumption.

From Flora Farms Springfield:
FECO can be taken as part of a daily pain management regime, with rice grain-sized doses in morning and evening to help control chronic pain and ease chemotherapy side effects. FECO can also be taken as needed for pain and relaxation, but we generally recommend evening use for anyone not taking FECO on a regular schedule due to it causing sleepiness. It is perfect to relax the body and mind all at once with this potent medicine.

Personal Experiences

When it comes to FECO and all cannabis medicines, different people have different experiences. This is because everyone’s endocannabinoid systems are slightly different. So we asked the team at Flora Farms Springfield to share a few of their personal experiences with Flora Farms FECO.

From Budtender Briel about Flora Farms’ Lavender Jones FECO:
“The first thing I noticed of course was the color – I thought it was a really pretty amber. The FECO wasn’t super thick so just warming it up in my hand for a few seconds was enough to get it to push through. It kicked in within 45 minutes for me and relieved my entire body of tension/pain – my leg and back felt super good!! It made me super stoney and super sleepy within an hour and a half of eating it, but I really enjoyed it.”

From Budtender Danni about Flora Farms’ Lavender Jones FECO:
“As someone who has never had an edible work well, I was skeptical as to the effectiveness of the FECO. I was absolutely amazed at the effects. I was impressed that the taste was easy to mask and not entirely unpleasant. The effect was amazing, super body relaxation and I slept great. I would recommend this to literally every patient.”

From General Manager Chelsea about Flora Farms’ Blue Dream FECO:
“FECO is my go-to for whole body relief. It eases my mind and calms my body down when nothing else can. I would recommend obviously for pain and sleep, but for me this is a very effective product for medication resistant anxiety. I am so grateful for this medicine. Blue Dream FECO is a dream come true.”

And Remember…

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

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