Flora Farms Concentrates
May 27, 2022

Flora Farms is thrilled to announce that our first concentrate is now available in all our dispensaries! It’s the next great Flora Farms infused product!

Our infused products are made only from premium Flora Farms flower. Oils are expertly created from the flower through a hydrocarbon extraction process and turned into high-potency products like concentrates, cartridges, FECO, and more. To provide consumers with clean and high-quality products, we retain as many of the target compounds of the plant as possible. Our extraction process utilizes cutting-edge techniques, very cold temperatures (-70C or -90F), and the best Flora Farms starting material to produce pure, high-potency connoisseur quality oil.  As a cultivator and manufacturer, we control every step of the process from ‘soil to oil’ and take great care in ensuring minimal terpenes are lost throughout our proprietary processes.


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Shop now at any Flora Farms dispensary and get your own lovingly grown, expertly extracted Flora Farms concentrate!

Want to learn more about concentrates? Keep reading for great information about the different consistencies of concentrates. And look forward to many more Flora Farms concentrates made from your favorite Flora Farms strains!


Kinds of Concentrates

Crumble by Clovr

Crumble by Clovr

  • Shatter- This is a hard shiny glass like texture that looks as if it could “shatter.” Shatter is normally very high in THC, but it lacks the nice terpene profile due to the process in which it’s made.  Shatter can be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector, a handheld device that once you heat up the tip , you gently touch it to the sides of the wax in a fire-resistant dish, which turns the shatter into a vapor. You can also use specific vape pens with coils.
  • Badder, Butter, Batter– This is a soft like “cake batter” consistency that is made the same way Shatter is but by being whipped when warm before being placed into the vacuum chamber. These products can also be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector.
  • Crumble- This is a dry, soft, crumbly substance. During the purging process crumble is purged at a lower temperature for a longer duration that ultimately “dries” it out giving it its crumble-like texture. Unlike with the softer, stickier concentrates, crumble can also be used in joints, blunts, or sprinkled over bowls.
  • Sugar- This is a soft like substance that often resembles sugar due to crystallization from lipids being broken down and separated from the cannabinoids. This is obtained during the purging and vacuuming process by ‘agitating’ your extract. Sugar Wax is known to have a nice terpene profile unlike shatter.  Sugar can also be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector.
  • Bubble Hash- This is a soft texture made up of multiple trichomes that were separated from a process using ice water, agitation, and a sieve. This can also be used for flower, blunts, or simply by sprinkling over bowls.
  • Terp Sauce- This is a full spectrum concentrate made up of all cannabis compounds to experience the famous ‘entourage effect.’ Terpene sauce is a clean extract made up of terpenes and pure THCa crystals. This is typically made from fresh or frozen plants by being left to age and crystallize after being made into BHO. This extraction process is lightly purged with gentle heat. Terp Sauce can also be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector.
  • Live Resin- This is a shatter-like consistency made from fresh or frozen cannabis plants. Live Resin is an extremely popular concentrate known for its high THC and Terpene profile. Resin can also be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector.
  • Cured Resin – Similar in consistency to Live Resin, cured resin is made from cured cannabis, just like you buy at the dispensary. Cured resin can also be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector.
  • Rosin- This is a softer shatter-like texture that is made from only using heat and pressure. It is most popular for its strong flavonoids whilst also being solventless.  Rosin can also be used with a dab rig or a nectar collector.
  • Distillate- Is a cannabis extract that has been stripped of all compounds except for your one desired cannabinoid, this includes terpenes as well and is why distillates are the most popular in edibles and vape cartridges due to it lacking flavor, taste, and any aroma. However, they are extremely potent. Distillates are made from cannabis extracts that have been winterized, decarboxylated and then distilled (hence the name.) You always use distillate in a cartridge.

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