Vaporizor Cartridge Batteries 101
May 5, 2023

Vaporizing, or vaping, cannabis is a smokeless process that involves heating dry flower or concentrate without burning them. Vape pens are popular due to their easy and discreet use, their small size (perfect for fitting in your pocket), and rapid onset time. Most vaporizer options at the dispensary are cartridges which have a 510-thread which fits reusable batteries, sometimes also called pens. A few tips and tricks about how to use a vape battery can make the difference between getting the most enjoyable experience from a cartridge or struggling with clogs and leaks.

How to Use the Flora Farms Battery

Press button 5x rapidly to power on and off.

Hold the button down while drawing on the cart to use. Drawing hard on the cartridge can lead to leaks. If you wish to produce larger clouds, we recommend drawing slower and more gently, allowing the battery to produce more vapor, or to raise the voltage setting to produce more heat and more vapor.

Battery Life:
Solid light around the button when pressed indicates the battery is charged. Blinking light indicates low battery or other malfunction.
The battery indicator light at the bottom of the battery turns red when it needs charged and green when it is fully charged.

Voltage Settings:
The color has to do with the voltage setting, which translates to lower or higher heat. The Flora Farms battery has three voltage settings which you change by quickly clicking the button 3 times.

*Blue light = Lowest voltage – Good for reducing coughing and provides best flavor. Ideal for use with live resin, cured resin, or other cartridges with high terpene content like sauce carts.
*White light = Medium heat – good for a more sizeable hit without sacrificing flavor. Ideal for use with any type of cart.
*Red light = High heat – provides the largest hit but some flavor may be lost. Ideal for use with thicker distillate carts or low-terpene content carts like liquid diamond carts.

*Please note that different batteries from other companies may operate similarly except for the meaning of the colors. We always recommend clicking to the red setting as this seems to most consistently mean the highest setting, then noting what the next color is to determine the color of the lowest voltage setting.

Extra Features

If you click twice rapidly, a longer heat cycle will activate, during which you can draw on the cartridge without pressing the button. This also functions well as an initial pre-heat the first time you run a cartridge during a session.

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