The Rick Simpson Regimen For Dosing Rick Simpson Oil | (RSO)
The Rick Simpson Regimen for Dosing RSO
March 18, 2021

Rick Simpson Oil

This concentrate, known as Rick Simpson Oil, was developed for medical purposes after the man himself developed a form of skin cancer. He had already experimented with cannabis due to previous health issues in the past, so when these skin cancer bumps started to show up on his arm, he decided to make an oil that could be applied topically. To his surprise, within days of using the oil, Rick’s cancerous spots on his arm were gone. As you can probably imagine, from that day forward, Mr. Simpson spoke like a true believer of the medicinal powers of cannabis. He continues to encourage those around him to experiment with it as well. 

How To Dose RSO Properly

The goal with RSO is to gradually increase consumption of the oil to 60 grams over the course of 90-days. Curious how to do that? 

Rick Simpson suggests starting with a dose that is about the size of a small grain of rice. You’ll take that 3 times per day to help adjust to the potent taste of this oil. During the first 5 weeks, you will then double your dosing every 4 days. As you consume more, your body will build up a tolerance. After the 5 weeks is up, you want to increase your oil consumption for the next 12 weeks. However, remember to stick to no more than a full gram per day when upping your dosage during this time. As always, remember that consuming cannabis orally may take up to an hour to feel the effects. You’ll want to start low and go slow when experimenting with medical marijuana. 

And Remember…

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

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