Sweet & Spicy Edibles for Summer
July 22, 2022

The summer heat isn’t letting up and sometimes it feels too hot to even smoke. That makes it the perfect time to try out some edibles, take a siesta, and keep cool! We’ve put together four of our favorite edibles for summertime so you can try for yourself. From edibles that remind you of summer break as a kid, to perfect additions to summer’s favorite treats, to one spicy-hot snack, there’s something for everyone!



When it’s this hot out, a little chocolate can take the sting out of staying in. Panda chocolates come in summer-fresh flavors that can satisfy any sweet tooth and patients love the range of potencies available.
Panda’s 100mg chocolate bar flavors include classics like Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Shake, and Cookies & Creme. Need something stronger? Check out 300mg Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Shake!



Chocolate edibles are a delicious option for patients, and Medusa’s slates of premium chocolate set themselves apart with their mature, edgy and flavor-forward profile. These 200mg bars come in easily dosable 10mg triangles and feature decadent ingredients in three mouth-watering flavors. Hazelnut Crunch is a milk chocolate bar with candied hazelnuts and guinduja. Maple Bourbon combines milk chocolate with a smoky hint of bourbon and a sweet mix of maple. And Dark Chocolate Citrus delivers a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC for a relaxing experience.
Medusa & Panda are both made by Nuthera Labs, and we caught up with Seth Galusha the Director of Edible Production to learn more about Medusa!

Flora Farms: Seth, what sparked your passion for chocolate?

Seth Galusha: Chocolate is similar to coffee, wine or cannabis, in that it’s capable of a wide range of flavor profiles based on its genetics and where it’s grown. In addition to that satisfying flavor complexity, shaping and working with chocolate is just plain fun!

FF: What excites you about Medusa?

SG: With Medusa, a lot of time is put into selecting from different terroir to ensure that each chocolate blends perfectly with the other ingredients. For example, I selected a very sweet, caramel-y milk chocolate to pair with the candied hazelnuts and gianduja in our Hazelnut Crunch Bar.

FF: How do you like to enjoy Medusa while beating the heat?

SG: One of the best ways to enjoy Medusa Chocolates in the summer is with ice cream! You can take a butter knife and scrape off ribbons of chocolate as a fancy topping or just break it up and sprinkle the chunks onto vanilla bean ice cream.



One of the newest gummies hitting dispensary shelf is Kosmik. Patients are loving the fun flavors and fresh takes on gummy edibles. Kosmik Blasters like Big Bang Berry are a vegan and gluten-free option for a 10 mg gummy with a consistent taste and texture. Kosmik Specialty Blasters have been turning heads with their unique centers! Karamel Apple features a tangy green apple gummy with a real caramel center. Peanut Butter & Jelly is an award-winning grape gummy with a real peanut butter center. And Supersonic S’mores feature a marshmallow gummy, real chocolate center, and graham cracker crumbles that give you all the taste of a campfire treat!
Kosmik also makes high dosage Supernova 500mg gummies at 50mg per piece that come in one-of-a-kind mystery flavors like Blue and Green. Then there’s Black Hole with 1000mg gummies at 100mg per piece. The green and pink Black Hole flavors are currently classified! Does anyone have the number for Area 51? NASA?? Well, you’ll just have to try them to find out.



Okay, after all those sweets, we have to talk about the hottest new edible from Missouri’s Own Edibles. Local St. Louis favorite Red Hot Riplets and Missouri’s Own Edibles paired up to create a dosed snack that’s truly irresistible. Each bag contains 20mg of THC and a spicy kick you’ll love. With over 80 years of experience, Old Vienna has perfected their Red Hot Riplets and Missouri’s Own Edibles brings their expertise to creating a dosed version suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced cannabis consumers.

Check out these and lots of other great edibles at any Flora Farms dispensary! Find us in  SpringfieldNeosho, and Humansville.


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