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Spring Clean Your Stash
March 18, 2022

The weather is warming up in the Ozarks, where Flora Farms call home sweet home. The buds are growing big on trees, daffodils and crocuses are blooming, and we’re spring cleaning. But spring cleaning isn’t just for throwing the doors open and sweeping out that winter funk. It’s for cleaning your gear and organizing your stash, too! That’s why we put together this guide to tidying up.

However, a quick note from the author before we kick this off: Research for this guide was eye-opening. Cleaning is an oddly personal ritual everyone maintains for themselves. No two people I talked to or articles I read or videos I watched followed a single standard practice. This guide cannot cover every possible cleaning option, but it will endeavor to offer basic advice without judgment or absolutes. Do what works best for you, your gear, and your lifestyle!


The Pile Method

It doesn’t matter if your gear and stash are spread out, stored in a couple areas, or all in one place already. Step one of getting organized is to get it all out in the open in a neutral place so you can see it at a glance. This is the pile method.

Get it all in one place. Set aside any gear that needs to be cleaned. Divide remaining items into categories like stash (any marijuana product), supplies (rolling papers, cleaning supplies), accessories (grinders, rolling trays, ash trays), and clean gear (pipes, bongs, rigs).

This is also the moment to go full Marie Kondo by holding each item and asking, “Does this weed-related item spark joy?” Meaning this is a great chance to be intentional about what in your collection is working for you and what isn’t working.

With your collection sorted, you can utilize any organizers you may want, like baskets for holding cleaning supplies, smell-proof storage for stash, or jars for supplies like rolling papers and cones. As you return your collection to its storage area, prioritize placing frequently used items like cleaning supplies and stash in easy-to-grab containers to make quick tidying in the future even easier.


Cleaning Glassware

Remember the gear you set aside for cleaning? It’s time to deep clean it. First up: glass items like pipes, bongs and bubblers. There are great cannabis-specific cleaning solutions on the market, and a thousand different preferred methods. But a few basics supplies and methods stand out as having withstood the test of time.


  • Isopropyl alcohol (91-99% work best, but lower potency will work, just soak longer)
  • Salt (Coarse salts like Epsom or kosher salt are great options, but table salt can work well for intricate glassware)
  • Resealable bag (Quart size is great for small items like bowls, gallon size for larger items)
  • Straw brush, pipe cleaners, and/or cotton swabs (Whichever size or combination will fit your glassware best!)
  • Dish soap
  • A sink with hot water

Place any small items like pipes, bowls, and downstems into a resealable bag and add enough isopropyl alcohol to cover them and set it aside. Usually, this is a great time to clean any larger glassware. After a few minutes, gently shake the bag to break up anything clinging to the glass. Remove from the bag and rinse. Spot clean any remaining residue with a cotton swab, pipe cleaner, or larger brush. Use a drop of dish soap and rinse to finish cleaning. Allow glass to air dry.

Run larger glassware under hot water at a sink, if possible. This warms up sticky residue, making it easier to remove. Pour salt into the larger glassware, especially where there are any stubborn stains, as the abrasion from salt will help break up the stains. Then add isopropyl alcohol. Cover the ends and give a quick shake to spread the solution evenly. Now, let it sit so the iso can do its work! A few minutes will usually do the trick. Cover the ends again and shake the glassware so the salt can make quick work of any residue that’s left.


Use some plastic food wrap and rubber bands to cover the openings on bongs and rigs to avoid using your hands to cover openings. If you do use your hands, try some rubber gloves to avoid drying out your skin with the cleaning solution.

Use brushes or cotton swabs to get any extra stubborn spots. Then it’s time to rinse. Now, we like adding a drop or two of dish soap into the glassware and letting hot water run through until no bubbles come out. This is because you want to rinse out every last little bit of isopropyl alcohol and salt, or else you’ll get a fume-filled and unpleasant first hit. The soap bubbles are a visual way to confirm everything is well-rinsed. Be sure to do some gentle shaking to get the salt out of every nook and cranny.

Allow the glassware to air dry, if possible, for a pristine finish. When you’re ready to use glassware with water in it, like bongs, bubblers, and water rigs, refill the water chamber with distilled water. We recommend emptying the water at the end of each use. This is because mold and bacteria can grow in the water in as few as 24 hours, plus fungus and biofilm can build up over time. By emptying the water, you prevent mold, bacteria, fungus, and biofilm from harming you and gunking up your glassware.


Cleaning Silicone Gear

Silicone is a popular alternative to glass for multiple reasons, the biggest of which is durability and easy cleaning. But this isn’t glassware and cleaning it the same way will break down the silicone over time. Opt for hot water and dish soap instead. There’s even the option to use the dishwasher for many silicone pieces. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning silicone gear for the best results.


Clean Gear is Safer & Healthier

We’re not your mom, but since Flora Farms is committed to providing safe, healthy, and natural medical marijuana to Missouri patients, we want your consumption to be those things too! Clean gear is essential to a safe and healthy consumption experience. Organizing your stash can reduce stress and frustration while consuming. You deserve a pleasant experience from beginning to end. So change that bong water, throw your eighth bags in a basket, and stock up on the isopropyl alcohol the next time you stop by the grocery store!


And remember…

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

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