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PAX Puts the Power in Your Hands
October 8, 2021

For medical marijuana patients, the choices for consumption are expanding all the time. The variety of products is growing too. The rise in popularity of vapes means patients have a range of quality products to select from to best suit their needs. For patients who prefer vaping, PAX vapes offers many battery options that will suit different needs.

PAX Era Life

Person in cream sweater holds a PAX Era Life vape penThe PAX Era Life is a vape battery that uses Era compatible pods. The PAX Era is an instant on, on-demand draw vape. No button pushing.

It offers temperature control to enhance and adjust the pod flavor profile: low, medium low, medium high, and high.

Charging takes about 45 minutes and the charge lasts for at least 150 draws.

Users love the simplicity of this device.

PAX Era Pro

PAX Era Pro in blue against a backdrop of blue with daisies.The PAX Era Pro builds on the simplicity of the Era Life with features supporting a fully personalized experience. One way it offers this is dual compatibility with PAX pods and PAXSmart pods. PAXSmart pods offer preset optimal temperatures as chosen by the extractors. You can also change the temperature, and the pod will remember your temperature choice.

The PAX App further creates a personalized experience. Use the app to view brand, strain and oil information for your specific pod. Plus, access state-regulated test results.

Control how much you want to inhale through the app, then let the Era Pro track your progress with Dose Control. Set your dose with the app, then draw. The petals will fade out. When you stop drawing, Era Pro will save your progress and allow you to pick up where you left off.

PAX Dose Control

The app also allows users to lock the device to prevent it from producing vapor. Also, if you lose your device, you can find it using the app.

Charging takes about 45 minutes and the charge lasts for at least 250 draws.

Users love the ability to customize their experience and stay connected to their consumption choices.


PAX 3 dual-use vape in stylized blue setup featuring flowers and geode slices.The PAX 3 is a dual-use device offering two options to enjoy: dry herb and concentrates. Unlike the Era line which uses PAX Pods, the PAX 3 offers a wider variety of usage with the ability to use flower or concentrates by utilizing conduction heating.

To use flower, simply grind the herb to a medium-coarse consistency and pack tightly into the oven. You can use the Half-Pack Oven Lid to fine tune your use with a smaller oven-pack.

The concentrate insert for PAX 3 works well with a variety of stickier concentrates and is the only recommended way to use concentrates with your PAX 3.

The oven heats in as little as 15 seconds. Lip and motion sensors automatically cool and boost oven temperatures to offer significant performance. Auto-cooling saves material when you’re not drawing from the device.

Preset temperatures take the guesswork out of temperatures while allowing users to customize their experience. When connected to the PAX App, users can adjust the temperature in 1 degree increments for precision control.

The app also offers Dynamic Modes. These modes change how the PAX 3 reacts to events like sensing your lips or entering stand by mode. This puts you even more in control.

When fully charged, the 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery lasts approximately 8-10 sessions. It boasts a charge time as short as 90 minutes.

Users love the range, precision, and variety they can achieve with the PAX 3.

Which to choose? That’s in your control.

From the simplicity of the PAX Era Life to the smart precision of the PAX Era Pro to the wide range of the PAX 3, there’s a device for a variety of needs. Each option offers you an experience you control.

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