Meet Your Flora Fam: Christy Boyle — Sales Representative
May 30, 2024

Around Flora Farms, everyone’s family. That’s why in today’s blog, we’d like to introduce you to a member of the Flora Fam (what we lovingly call employees around the farm). Read on to get to know Christy Boyle.

Meet Christy Boyle – Sales Representative

With over 23 years of diverse professional experience, Christy started her career in pharmaceutical sales where she learned quickly that the best medicine isn’t always in a pill bottle. After nearly a decade of honing her sales skills, Christy transitioned into entrepreneurship as a business owner mastering the intricacies of marketing, team management and cultivating a keen understanding of consumer behaviorEager for a new challenge, Christy embraced a pivotal role in marketing and development spearheading the complete overhaul of a 35-year-old nonprofit organization from inception to revitalization. In early 2021, Christy joined Flora Farms bringing her extensive experience to the burgeoning cannabis industry. Christy has a passion for cannabis and connecting people with the best products available. Outside of the business world, Christy balances her time as a single mother of two girls and one son that has left the nest. Much of her spare time is spent with her girls chasing the sun and spending time outside or on the water. 

Flora farms: What’s the best part of working at Flora Farms?
Christy Boyle: As one of the OG’s in the cannabis sales industry, I love the people at Flora Farms. I love that I will always have some of the best products to share with the cannabis market.

FF: What’s your favorite Flora Farms product?
CB: My favorite Flora Farms product is our flower—specifically Cantaloupe Haze, Matanuska Thunderfuck, and, most recently, Durban glue. I love sharing the story behind Silver Ghost and Cobalt Fire as they are exclusive strains to only Flora Farms in the world. I typically lean towards sativa dominant strains. I’ve learned so much since I started and my nose has evolved and I can pick up on dominant terpenes by smell. Cannabis is so interesting and has so many layers, depth and lineage or history. I love that part of cannabis and my job.

FF: Do you have a preferred method of consumption?
CB: My preferred method of consumption is to smoke or use my PAX Plus. I also love the ripples and the 1906 Sleep tabs by Stash House.

FF: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do for this job?
CB: I wouldn’t say I have had to do anything crazy but this industry will keep you on your toes and changes in an instant. That keeps me challenged and brings a level of excitement that keeps me motivated.

FF: Describe your go-to munchie?
CB: Extra Toasty Cheez-Its dipped in almond butter and frozen grapes.

FF: Who’s your celebrity crush?
CB: Lenny Kravitz. I have loved Lenny Kravitz since I bought his Mama Said album back in the day.

FF: What’s something that most people would find surprising about you?
CB: I am a certified scuba diver and avid wake surfer

FF: If there was a movie about your life, what would the title be?
CB: “It’s Complicated.” Not because of the storyline of the movie, but because of the title alone. Two movies I can watch over and over and never get tired of are Dirty Dancing and Pulp Fiction