How Flora Farms Dispensaries Can Help You
January 6, 2022

Real talk: Joy takes work, but misery, less so. And with our world full of added turbulence from the pandemic, the disparity between the two keeps widening. There’s no one single solution to health, wellness, and happiness, but small steps get you where you need to go in the long run. Flora Farms is here to empower you to incorporate medical marijuana into your health and wellness routine. If you do not yet have a medical card, need to renew, or have more questions about how to obtain your medical card, then you can learn more on our Patient Resources page.

Missouri’s medical marijuana market is still new, and the thought of purchasing your medicine from a dispensary might bring up some questions and concerns for you. You might not know what to expect or what questions to ask or even what to bring with you the first time. That is natural and normal, but we promise you a warm welcome when you visit our Flora Farms dispensaries, whether it is your first visit or hundredth visit. You will be supported every step of the way while in our care.

What To Expect

First thing’s first: You need to bring a copy of your state-approved medical patient card. A physical or digital copy will work. You will also need valid state identification, which cannot be expired. Once you walk into the dispensary, you’ll approach the check-in window where our friendly security officer will greet you. After they check you in, a budtender will walk you back into our dispensary. You are in the budtender’s care from start to finish, and they will help you decide on what medicine best suits your needs. To complete your transaction, you will need cash. But don’t worry, we have convenient ATMs available inside all 3 locations.

*Helpful Fact: Did you know that we have patient consult rooms where you can privately sit with our budtenders or managers and take as much time as you need discussing issues or concerns you want addressed? The consult room is always there for you, and we encourage you to utilize it. We value and respect your individual needs for privacy.

You Can Bring Support

You should also know that you don’t have to do any of this alone. Patients may bring up to two non-patient guests with you to every dispensary visit. We understand that the emotional support you receive from your loved ones can help put you at ease. Just note that guests must have valid state identification and cannot participate in any transactions involving medicine. Additionally, you may also bring in official service animals. For information about what qualifies as a service animal or how to certify your animals, please click here.

Lastly, we understand how busy life is, especially as a parent. Should you need or want to, you are welcome to bring in your children. Children do not need an ID. We maintain a professional, safe, and welcoming environment for all ages.

Well, that’s it for now. If you were waiting for a sign, then let this be it. We are here to help you put in the work and reclaim your joy. You deserve all the good things in life.

Be Well,
Flora Farms

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