High for the Holidays
December 17, 2021

It’s the week before Christmas and the race is on to find gifts for everyone on your list. But what about you? Giving yourself a gift is a way of showing yourself love and appreciation. That is certainly a gift that keeps giving. So check out our gift guide for getting yourself through the holidays with a little more cheer!

Don’t Leave These Treats Out for Santa

First up are some sweet treats. Chocolate edibles are great around the holidays. They’re discreet, delicious, and you don’t have to share. And as always with edibles, remember to start low and go slow to avoid overconsuming.

CLOVR Peppermint Chocolate Bar
Made with decadent white chocolate and peppermint, CLOVR collaborated with Christopher Elbow on this festive bar. Each bar is 100mg THC, 10mg per serving.

Kizmet Peanut Butter Cups
Kizmet always delivers lovable chocolate confections, and their Peanut Butter Cups are no exception. Each package contains 100mg of THC, 10mg per serving.

CLOVR 6pk Bonbons
If you’ve tried a CLOVR bonbon before, you know they are pure decadence. If you haven’t tried, trust us when we say this is a true treat for chocolate and caramel lovers. Each bonbon has 10mg of THC. Stock up with a six pack in your favorite flavor, like Salted Vanilla Caramel or Citrus Caramel.


Home for the Holidays

Whether you’re the cousin who always “goes for a walk” at family functions, or you are avoiding smoking around loved ones, these products are great consumption options for time spent around loved ones.

Fireball Gummies
All the cinnamon flavor Fireball-lovers enjoy, all in a convenient gummy. Plus, as a sativa gummy, it’s less likely to knock you out, especially after a big meal! Each gummy contains 10mg THC, 100mg THC per pack.

Wynk Seltzers
With three amazing flavors – Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango – Wynk Seltzers already have a lot going for them. But it doesn’t stop there. These drinkables feature a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, 5mg of each, that makes for a balanced buzz with no risk of a hangover. What’s not to love?

Amend Tincture 1:10
It’s late, you’re bedded down on the pullout couch, and your uncle is already snoring loud enough to shake the tree. That’s where Amend Tincture 1:10 comes in. Taken sublingually, under the tongue, this tincture features 100mg of THC and 1,000mg of CBD, the perfect ratio for helping you sleep through the night. Tinctures are perfect for every dosage need, from microdosers to high tolerance patients.


Christmas Clouds

Concentrates and vapes are great for blowing beautiful clouds. Whether it’s a device that you’ll enjoy all year or the perfect seasonal flavor, you won’t want to miss these products.

Puffco Peak
This E-Rig is at the top of any concentrate fan’s wishlist, and it’s easy to understand why. The beautiful ergonomic design, built in bubbler, and powerful heating elements make the most of your concentrates while delivering a great experience every time.

PAX Era Pro & Lotus Extracts
The PAX Era Pro is one of the smartest vape devices around. It can pair with a smartphone, track usage, and remember your preferred vaping temperatures. And Lotus Extracts’ PAX Pods deliver on flavor.

Cranberry OG by Timeless
Out special just in time for the holidays, Cranberry OG is already generating a buzz in the Missouri market. You’re going to spend 2022 wishing you grabbed this energizing flavor featuring the bold flavors of fresh citrus, spice, and tart cranberry—so don’t miss it!


Fa-La-La-La-La Flower

Listen, this is Flora Farms. We’re big flower fans! If you are too, then we have buds for whatever the holidays hold for you.

If you haven’t tried SAP yet, keep an eye out for this Flora Farms exclusive. It’s an energizing strain that’s perfect for socializing and talking to loved ones. We’re obsessed with its zesty orange cream soda profile.

Lavender Jones
This balanced strain has a reputation for relieving stress, and who couldn’t use a little stress relief this time of year? Patients love its aromas of grapes, sweet lavender, and earth.

Bubba Fett
This relaxing strain is a heavy-hitting fan-favorite. Patients love the pungent aromas of earth with a hint of sweetness. This one is perfect for falling asleep, even if you’re too excited for Christmas morning.


And remember…

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

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