Get to Know GMO (Garlic, Mushroom & Onion)
August 12, 2022

Whether it’s learning about the life stages of strains like SAP or focusing on a fan favorite like Blue Dream, at Flora Farms, we love talking about strains. And this week, we’re talking about one of our OG favorite strains: GMO, aka GMO Cookies, aka Garlic Cookies. It’s not a great weed strain if it doesn’t have many versions of the same name, right? Well, let’s get to know GMO a little better together now.

Strain Spotlight: GMO

GMO is an 80/20 Indica cross of GSC x Chemdawg. The acronym stands for its aromas: Garlic, Mushroom, and Onion. Parent strain GSC lends its euphoric mood boost with relieving body relaxation, while Chemdawg passes on its potent, heavy effects that can lead to couch lock and old school stink. Director of Cultivation Mark “Budd” Buddemeyer describes the flavor as pungent, with a flavor like old school hash or chronic. “It’s reminiscent of soap on the front end, with a savory meat flavor and anise finish like licorice,” said Budd.

Like other strains, watching GMO grow blows the mind. From its earliest stages, when the first hints of its profile are present, to the late flowering stage when it’s bursting with trichomes, GMO always shows out.

From the Garden

These GMO plants came from a vegetation room, like a nursery for little plant clones. The plant on the left is a few days into its time in a flower room, where light, temperature, and other conditions emulate the transition from summer into fall to induce the plant to develop flowers. The very small little tufts of fluff are the buds of blooms that will explode with growth over the next 60-65+ days. The plant on the right is a couple weeks into its time in the flower room and you can see the beautiful ring of sugar leaves developing below the flower.


Trichomes: Home of THC

As the plant reaches the middle of its growth cycle, GMO’s large trichomes start to really develop and give a hint of the potent plant experience to come. Every white speck in these photos is a small mushroom-shaped structure called a trichome. Trichomes are the part of the plant that creates cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Trichomes begin crystal clear and turn cloudy then milky as they mature.


Ready for Harvest

Finally, the plant enters the late flowering stage around day 60. From this point on, our dedicated cultivation teams monitor the development of the plant, and most importantly, the color of the trichome. When the trichomes are milky and the flower full, the plant is ready for harvest! This stage is also when the plant turns beautiful colors as the plant experiences late fall-like conditions and a nutrient flush that prepares it for harvest.

Patience Pays Off

In its final days of growth, GMO shows us why patience pays off. Its flowers burst with trichomes. The plant reeks in the best way. And a low and slow dry cure to perfect the product is just about all these beauties need. From there, they head to our hand trimmers and our dedicated packaging team. When we talked to Budd about GMO, he mentioned loving the low stem-to-bud ratio. But that’s not all Budd had to say about GMO. “This is my turn-up strain,” said Budd. “I usually look for THC percentages in the teens or twenties, but if I want something special, I look for higher potency options like GMO.” Yes, GMO sounds like a something special indeed.


And Remember…

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

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