Celebrating The Women Of Flora Farms
Celebrating The Women Of Flora Farms
March 26, 2021

It’s Women’s History Month, and you know what that means? We would like to thank all of our women staff here at Flora Farms. Our company feels honored to have so many amazing women who are dedicated to helping ensure that our customers receive the best medical marijuana. They are fun, energetic, and enthusiastic! 

We’d like to introduce you to a few of the ladies who have made such an impact on bringing the Flora Farms vision to fruition. 

Meet Kylie Scott, Flower Room Captain | Bolivar, Mo.

Here at Flora Farms, we are delighted to celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring the strong women at the helm of cultivation and packaging in our Humansville, Mo. grow facility. Together, these women help to ensure safe, healthy, and natural products find their way to you.

First up, meet Kylie Scott, one of our original staff members. She’s a well-loved Room Captain. Kylie and her family know first-hand how medical marijuana can alleviate a variety of medical issues. She’s more motivated than ever to continue to produce the best products possible to better serve her community.

Kylie’s proudest moment? Her grow room was the first to harvest, which meant the flower she and her team worked so hard on would be the first Flora Farms flower offered to the public–available now! And Kylie loves working here. “Once I got my foot in the door, I knew I would not be going anywhere!” She plans to continue growing and learning cannabis cultivation. And there’s a bit of loving competition for her here, as her husband is a Room Captain across the hall. 

Dawn Baker, Inventory & Compliance specialist | Weaubleau, Mo.

One of our original and longest-standing staff members, Dawn Baker plays an incredibly important role at Flora Farms as an Inventory & Compliance Specialist. She was inspired to work for us because she witnessed people in her life find relief and benefit from medical marijuana. Dawn is a huge plant lover, and although she didn’t have prior experience in this industry, she loves it here and continues to develop and maintain friendships with staff, especially the women.

“In the beginning, the girls all stuck together and helped each other out. It’s a team. The people who work here are great.”

Dawn and her team have the huge task to inventory, organize, and track all the plants in this building. We don’t know how they manage it all, but we sure are happy they do!

She believes in plant medicine and its potential to help alleviate medical issues for all. She’s taking what she’s learning at work and sharing it with her community, helping others to see the power of medical cannabis.

Nikohle Mann, Packaging Manager | Springfield, Mo.

Nikohle comes to us with extensive experience in the industry. Although she is newer to our staff, her commitment to our clients and customers sets her apart, and we are very lucky to have her.

“I want to make sure that our clients aren’t just getting our flower, but getting our support, too,” she says.  She loves working at a grow facility because it is very special to watch a plant go from seed to sale. She’s our go-to gal for getting our product to the clients. Packaging is an important way to help the client understand and connect to our products.

Nikohle knows medical marijuana is life changing. She and her sister are both advocates for the industry due to first-hand experience with the way cannabis medicine alleviated and helped ease their medical conditions.

Does she love it here? You betcha.

“I’ve never really worked for a family-run business, and working with a family and with cannabis is amazing. Sorry, Flora Farms, you guys cannot even PAY me to leave. Whatever they need me to do here, I am going to do it.”

At the end of the day, it truly is our staff that makes us successful. Thanks to all the women who make Flora Farms what it is today!

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