The Difference Between CBD & THC Explained
CBD & THC Explained: What’s the Difference?
October 21, 2020

Most people know the terms CBD & THC, but how many really know what they do and how they affect the body? Since they’re both cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant there tends to be a lot of confusion as to what they actually do for the human body. An easy way to understand the difference is this: THC is most commonly known for its intoxicating head and body high while CBD gives an overall feeling of physical well-being without affecting your perception.

Often times, first-time consumers who are looking for something to help with pain management will opt for a mix of CBD and THC. Newcomers aren’t alone! True connoisseurs tend to prefer an even mixture as well. When combining the two, CBD works to block the intoxicating effects of THC by binding to cannabinoid receptors which results in a psychoactive effect that is far less intense and can be very enjoyable for everyday use.

This doesn’t mean that CBD alone can’t offer profound effects. Large doses of CBD have been known to produce strong physically relaxing experiences and rid consumers of short-term memory impairment. Most users also find that CBD is very effective for managing pain, reducing anxiety, and minimizing inflammation.

If you’re looking for more specific medicinal results, THC may be just right for you. Strains high in THC can have much more dramatic effects when it comes to both health and relaxation regardless of strain type. Remember, when it comes to marijuana THC content isn’t the only game in town.

You should keep in mind that terpene profiles and strain phenotypes have a lot more to do with finding your desired outcome. Even with a high THC concentration, it is important to note that one strain may have you feeling calm and peaceful, and another may increase anxiety depending on whether you decided to enjoy an Indica high in Myrcene or a Sativa with a stronger caryophyllene presence. The difference in the outcomes is all about each patient’s own body chemistry and how the THC concentration binds to those receptors. 

Experimenting to find the right medicine is just like a good BBQ. We recommend starting low and going slow. Start low on the level of THC concentration and go slow with consumption so that you can find the right strains that produce the effects you’re looking for. 

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