A Patient’s Guide to Understand Medical Marijuana Equivalency (MME) Units
May 14, 2020

One of the most common questions we get here at Flora Farms is, “how much cannabis can a patient or caregiver legally purchase?” You’d think the answer would be pretty straightforward, right? The Missouri Department of Health & Human Services states the following:

“The qualifying patient’s physician may certify up to four ounces of dried, unprocessed marijuana, or its equivalent, in a 30-day period. If there is a compelling reason why the qualifying patient needs a greater amount, then the Department requires two independent physician certifications specifying what other amount the qualifying patient needs.”

While this ruling seems quite simple, the limits set forth in the constitution only apply to the weight of dried cannabis. This guideline leaves out the fact that dried flower can also be processed into a variety of concentrates and other infused edible products. To provide a little more clarity, the state of Missouri has published the Missouri Marijuana Equivalency Units (MMEs) guide. The state’s conversion chart can help break this down:

Think of these equivalencies like alcoholic beverages. A shot, a beer, and a glass of wine have the same amount of alcohol in them despite being different sizes, colors, and tastes. The same is true for marijuana products.

In Missouri, 3.5 grams of marijuana flower are equal to 1 gram of concentrate or 100 milligrams of THC infused edibles. Since we know that the total amount a patient can purchase in a month is 4 ounces of dried flower, a little math helps us find out that we could also spend our monthly allotment on 32 grams of concentrate or 32 Edibles, each with 100 milligrams of infused THC. A more likely monthly purchase would be around 1 ounce of dried flower, 10 grams of concentrate, and 10 100 milligram edibles.

Since this can get pretty complicated, the team at Flora Farms can advise you as to the potency of our products and will log your purchases in our state-compliant software which keeps track of your purchases and makes sure you’re never over served.

Questions about Medical Marijuana Equivalency? Our helpful budtenders are happy to check your purchase history at any time to let you know what your options are. Simply visit one of our dispensaries in Neosho, Springfield, or Humansville MO and we’re happy to help!