5 Strains That Bring the Heat
July 15, 2022

Sometimes you have to bring the heat to beat the heat. That’s why we put together a list of five of our most fire strains. These strains are potent and consistent high testers in THC and terpenes.

Black Garlic

GMO x Sour Dubble
Limonene, caryophyllene, nerolidol
Black Garlic smells of earthy, garlic musk with citrus. It tastes peppery with hints of earth and musk. This strain produces a heavy body high and a burst of mental creativity. This is a great strain for staying home when it’s too hot to go out. Put on a movie and kick back!


Bubba Fett

Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Stardawg
Limonene, nerolidol, caryophyllene
Bubba Fett smells pungent and earthy with a hint of sweet. Smoke tastes of strong earth and funky cheese. This strain produces fast mental relaxation. It then builds hours-long body sedation. Our Bubba Fett was voted the Greenway Magazine Best Flower Cultivar of 2022 by Missouri patients. We’re grateful for the honor and proud of our Bubba Fett.


Cantaloupe Haze

Haze Bros Original Haze x Mexican landrace
Myrcene, limonene, nerolidol
Cantaloupe Haze earns its name. Expect notes of fresh melon in smell and taste. This strain produces a happy, creative high with a boost of energy. At high doses, body relaxation can be heavy. This is the perfect strain for putting on some music and enjoying your day.


Cobalt Fire

Blueberry Headband (Original Blueberry x Headband) x Gift of Fire (Gift of God x Fire OG)
Limonene, pinene, linalool
Cobalt Fire is a Flora Farms exclusive. It delivers a blueberry smell with hints of diesel and pine. This strain relaxes the mind, quieting racing thoughts. Then it works to relax the body without sedation. Many experience a boost of creativity while others experience a mood lift while relaxing. Try Cobalt Fire for relaxing after a hot day.



Indica-dominant Hybrid
GSC x Chemdawg
Limonene, linalool, caryophyllene
GMO smells of strong musk, spice and coffee. Smoke tastes of roasted garlic and spice. This strain is strong and long-lasting. It starts at the head and works its way to the toes. Expect it to relax the whole body. Perfect for nighttime when it feels too hot to sleep.

Stay cool, Missouri! And check the menu for Springfield, Neosho, and Humansville to find these and other fine Flora Farms products!


And Remember…

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