A Message for Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients
December 30, 2021

Dear Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients,

As we wind down 2021 and contemplate our first full year of serving patients through our cultivation facility and three dispensaries, we know Flora Farms has a lot to be grateful for. Most importantly: you, the patient. You’ve helped us grow and evolve into a brand you know you can trust with your medicine.

We’ve come a long way from the early days when dispensaries statewide only carried Wana gummies and pre-rolls. You hung on those early months until we finally sold our first Flora Farms flower (GMO), in limited supply. You were patient along the way as we all found solid footing in this new industry. Now when you visit our dispensaries, there are over 200 different products tailored to patient’s needs and between 20-30 different Flora Farms strains available to choose between. Our friendly, patient-focused budtenders are among our best assets at Flora Farms, and we know you agree since you nominated RaeLea Crider (Humansville) and Jesse Bello (Springfield) for the Best Budtender of the Year award through Greenway Magazine. We are grateful to you for that.

The number of Missouri medical marijuana patients is approaching 160,000. More than 6,000 Missourians work in the industry, and over 180 dispensaries now serve patients, with more to open soon. Pretty incredible for our industry’s first year.

Did you know that medical marijuana patients like you have raised $8.9 million for Missouri veterans? This money has been transferred to the Missouri Veterans Commission to pay for health and other services for military veterans.

The medical marijuana industry is a close community of wonderful colleagues. From the cultivators to the testing labs, manufacturers, transporting companies, dispensaries, magazines like EVOLUTION, Patients and Greenway, and the MoCann Trade Association, we all share the same goal of serving Missouri the best we can, and this couldn’t be possible unless we all worked together.

Flora Farms is born and raised in Missouri, and we are proud of that. We didn’t come in from another state. We built this company ground-up in rural Missouri, and every decision we’ve made has been based upon the needs of Missouri patients. We are proud of our passionate, hardworking Missourians from the heart of the Ozarks strengthening our cultivation facility.

Our cultivation teams grow about 1,500 pounds of flower monthly. We have grown over 200 strains since the beginning. We have refined the list down to 60 strains, selecting the best strains and phenotype within the strain pool. Recent average tests for these strains show THC over 22% with over a quarter of the strains testing at 25% to over 30%. Terpene results continue to impress us, including one over 7%. The hard work and ingenuity of our cultivation team is integral to the quality of our flower and success of our company. We thank them.

As we look ahead to 2022, we want you to know we will continue our efforts of evolving into the best company we can be and adapting to the needs of the industry along the way. We will support adult-use initiatives, which will put medicine directly into the hands of all of whom need it.

So, here’s to your continued good health and prosperity, Missouri! Remember, the road is never long with good company.

Happy New Year!
Mark Hendren and Daryl Deel