A Gram, An Eighth, An Ounce -- Oh My!
A Gram, An Eighth, An Ounce — Oh My!
October 27, 2020

So youre about to head to your local dispensary, its your first time and you arent quite sure about the amount of cannabis you should purchase. Dont worry! We’ve all been there. Youve probably heard people talk about eighths, quarters, and halves at some point in your life, but it never really made sense.

It’s really easy! These terms all refer to an amount relative to an ounce. An “eighth” is 1/8th of an ounce. A “half” is exactly half an ounce. Now if you want to get real complicated and fancy here are the Metric system conversions:

Eighth: 3.5 grams

Quarter: 7 grams

Half: 14 grams

Ounce: 28 grams

But let’s be honest, you don’t need a master’s degree in Weights and Measures to be able to enjoy cannabis.

We understand that when you are new to cannabis, being able to visualize weight can be a bit tricky, however, it doesnt have to be. Our friends over at Leafly put together this visual guide to compare the different quantities of weed. We hope this helps you understand how to tell them apart just by looking

Its important to remember that some cannabis flowers are compact and dense while others can be loose and fluffy. Two totally different size buds might end up weighing the exact same. Luckily, cannabis dispensaries use digital scales to find the accurate weight of your marijuana before packaging it for you. This ensures that you are getting the exact amount that you paid for. 

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