Brennan England
Meet Brennan England – St. Louis Cannabis Club Founder
September 24, 2021

Meet Brennan England.

Entrepreneur. Servant of his community. Cannabis and social justice activist. Massage therapist. Conjurer of good times. Founder of the first private cannabis consumption lounge in Missouri … and one of the greatest movers and shakers in our developing medical marijuana industry.

Flora Farms had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Brennan about his work, how we can all help, and who he’d invite to his dream cannabis hangout. For that conversation and more, read on.

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What is your role in Missouri’s medical marijuana industry?

I am the founder of St. Louis Cannabis Club, a cannabis resource network connecting the cannabis industry with the culture and the Cola Private Lounge, “Where Buds Meet.” It’s Missouri’s first private cannabis consumption lounge.

I am also the Missouri Chapter President of Minorites for Medical Marijuana, the world’s largest minority advocacy organization for the cannabis industry.

My duty is to lead and educate the politicians, professionals and peoples of the state on the importance of minority inclusion and equality in the industry, while assisting in paving the way and building bridges for real impact and action.

What’s one sentence that describes you?

When do we eat?

What is the most meaningful part of the cannabis industry?

I have two.
1. Access to life changing medicine for patients in need
2. Expungement and repair for victims of the war on drugs.

How could it be better?

We need more collaboration and communication between corporations about these issues. Some companies have found solutions that others haven’t, but they haven’t shared those with other companies that are trying to solve the same problems.

What makes a person a good steward of the developing cannabis industry in Missouri?

It takes compassion to the patient, competence of the corporation and commitment to the divine mission of the plant. She talks to us.

Brennan England

What is your “why?” Why do you do what you do?

My connection with this plant is sacred and mysterious. I know that this plant will save the world if we let it and I just want to do my part.

What are your current priorities and how can Missourians help you achieve them?

For Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana: We need funding support for outreach and education events. Share our organization and our efforts. Support our Facebook group M4MM Missouri and if you’re a minority, take the survey pinned at the top.

For The St. Louis Cannabis Club: For now, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, spreading the word when you can! Also check out our St. Louis Cannabis Club brand “high” quality 10mg CBD Seltzer. We have two flavors, Peach-Mango and Lemon. Request them at your local retailer, restaurant/bar and dispensary, we’re ready for wholesale!

What is your favorite way to consume cannabis and if you had to choose a favorite product (strain, etc.) what would it be?

I can’t pick, variety is the spice of life. My strain of choice would be from the OG family for sure. Maybe Emerald OG.

Black Garlic nugs staged on two wood disks grown by Flora Farms

If you could name a strain, what would it be called?

It’d be called “Metal Mario”- Black Garlic X Emerald OG. Description- “heavy, calming, euphoric affects with gaseous, tropical terpenes showing a mysterious minerality on the nose and exhale”

If you could hang with any musician, artist, public figure, etc. from the past or present and unwind with cannabis and conversation, who would it be and where would you be?

Outkast, Nikola Tesla and an architect for the Great Pyramids, At The Cola Lounge shooting pool.


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