Let's Talk About Rick Simpson And His Medical Cannabis Concentrate | RSO
Let’s Talk About Rick Simpson And His Medical Cannabis Concentrate | RSO
March 18, 2021

So you’ve heard the name Rick Simpson before but have no idea who he is or what significance he has to medical marijuana? Mr. Simpson was an inventor who created one of the earliest forms of medical cannabis concentrate in 2003. Although this wasn’t the first time he had experimented with medical cannabis for health issues, this particular time around landed him a permanent spot in the world of cannabis.

Rick Simpson Oil

This concentrate, known as Rick Simpson Oil, was developed for medical purposes after the man himself developed a form of skin cancer. He had already experimented with cannabis and previous health issues in the past, so when these skin cancer bumps started to show up on his arm, he decided to make an oil that could be applied topically. To his surprise, within days of using the oil, Rick’s cancerous spots on his arm were gone. As you can probably imagine, from that day forward, Mr. Simpson spoke like a true believer of the medicinal powers of cannabis. He also encouraged those around him to experiment with it as well. 

How Can RSO Be Consumed?

This particular cannabis concentrate can be taken alone or can also be mixed into food or drinks. RSO can be dabable as well, depending on the solvent used. However, we recommend speaking with your budtender first before consuming it this way. Sometimes the oil was made with a higher flammable solvent, and in those cases, you wouldn’t want to try smoking or dabbing it. That being said, the most common way in which it is used is topically. It is great for skin application due to its thicker consistency. 

The Benefits Of RSO

Like all medical cannabis strains and oils, Rick Simpson Oil has many health benefits. Most commonly, it is used to help with skin cancer and to relieve symptoms of other conditions in the same manner. Please note that it isn’t scientifically proven to heal cancer, but it can help reduce the symptoms.

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