How Long Does Weed Stay Good For? A Guide To Storing Your Cannabis
September 22, 2020

At some point, most cannabis users find themselves wondering how long weed lasts. Maybe you’re not a frequent cannabis user, or perhaps you lucked out and found some leftover flower in your nightstand. You’re excited about your find, but wait – is that weed still good?

As is the case with most organic matter, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Generally when stored correctly (in a cool, dark space) cannabis flower is good for about six months to a year.

Now that we’ve gotten the general answer out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper: what does “good for” actually mean? Well, depending on how you store it, your weed will either dry out or become too wet over time.

Household plastic baggies can let moisture out, with the eventual result of weed that crumbles and gives off harsh smoke. Weed stored in the freezer or refrigerator is apt to grow mold — and it sure won’t burn well.

What’s more, excessive heat can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes that have taken months to develop. When these essential oils get too dry along with plant material, it can result in a hot, harsh smoke.

If you find some long-forgotten flower and try to smoke it, it might not actually do much of anything. In the same way other drugs (and even spices in your pantry) lose potency over time, your old herb won’t provide the same effects as fresh flower will.

Tips For Storing Your Cannabis

Keeping your cannabis fresh might not seem very important, but your storage methods can greatly improve the longevity and life of your flower. If you’re looking for a new storage container for your leftover weed, be sure to check out the following advice:

  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Use vacuum-sealed jars or smell-proof mylar bags
  • Label your jar or mylar bag with strain information
  • Don’t store in the fridge or freezer (that will increase the changes of mold growth)
  • Don’t store in household plastic bags (the plastic can attract the flower’s trichomes)
  • Keep your grinders and pipes in a separate area to keep the ash and burnt cannabis resin from mixing with your fresh bud


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