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Staff Highlight – Brett in Neosho
August 20, 2021

Brett Williams is the assistant manager at the Flora Farms dispensary in Neosho. He’s dedicated to serving Missouri patients. This month we chose to highlight him and asked him to share his story. Brett Williams is a long-time Flora Farms staff member, who came to work for us even before our dispensaries opened. We value his hard work, great sense of humor, incredible leadership and genuine care and service of the Neosho community.


What made you want to get into the cannabis industry?

When you get the chance to start a career, you take it. I’ve been blessed to be given the opportunity to grow my roots with such an awesome company. The science behind cannabis has always been fascinating to me, so I’m here now soaking it all in, learning more and more everyday.


What is your favorite strain of all time and why?

I personally don’t really have one. I’m more of an edible person. Indicas tend to be the best for me considering I mainly use cannabis in the evening for relaxation. If I had to choose a personal favorite, then it would be White 99 even though it is a sativa. This strain is super energetic, providing me the focus I need for my days off outside of work.


What’s the biggest misconception about your job and the most rewarding part?

Most would probably think my job consists primarily of talking about cannabis all day long. It doesn’t. Retail is retail.

We work hard all day every day ensuring the patients are getting the cannabis products they need.

The most rewarding part would be helping the patients gather the answers they seek to help better their everyday life, AND assisting my manager Shelly Morrow lead an amazing team of bud tenders successfully.


cheech and chong joe rogan seth rogen

If you could hang with anyone, past or present, and unwind with cannabis and conversation, who would it be and where would you be?

Joe Rogan. In a perfect world, Seth Rogen, Tommy Chong, and myself all in Joe’s studio live. I could only imagine the depths of conversation that would take place.


Brett and Shelly pose together wearing "best buds" shirts

A word from Brett’s boss…

We asked Shelly Morrow, manager at Flora Farms – Neosho, to share what it’s like working with Brett and she had this to say:

When Brett approached me about Flora Farms opening shortly after his father passed, he confided to me that he wanted a purpose as a caregiver, something that would make his dad proud. He wanted a career with the company, not a “fun job.” Brett’s eagerness to learn and help others is the definition of a compassionate caregiver. Having Brett as my assistant manager and right hand has been one of the best decisions we made.

If you’re headed to Neosho, check out our menu and stop in to say hello!